1. Do more to ensure employee safety

All the travel leaders we spoke to believed their organisation had a strong and reliable duty of care programme in place. Yet, there is always an opportunity to do better. Additional measures to ensure the safety and security of employees travelling globally might include continual monitoring of destination countries and current risks, and working with trusted partners to source resilient services. Continuous monitoring of employees, paired with 24/7 instant access to support, will help keep employees safe and give them peace of mind. Susanne Dreyer at Shell, says: “We take safety very seriously. We use ISOS’ travel tracker, which gives us a lot of visibility of where our travellers are. And we also encourage travellers to download the app so we can push notifications to them.” Shell has created a travel community made up of more than 55,000 employees: “We use this forum for two-way engagement,” Dryer continues. “Travellers help each other with tips and hints, which is fantastic to see.

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