3. Make data work for you

Improving reporting of travel spend data is key to driving down costs and driving up quality of service. Effective business analytics relating to hotel booking and air travel have been available for some time. But ground transportation is a poor cousin. Many companies use data from their company credit cards to support spend management. Yet, too often, there is not enough detail in the process of analysis to uncover business insights. Automation will help drive insights, along with consolidation of ground travel data and more detailed reporting from centralised platforms. ICF’s Carmen Smith describes the reporting challenge: “Not every company has a data aggregator that can pull data from multiple places, such as from your travel management company or your corporate cards. We are looking at a data aggregator in the future.”

"I'm all about forward thinking. I'm all about how can we do this better? How can we do this differently? How can this be streamlined? I love automation."

Carmen Smith

Sr. Manager – Travel & Events


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