4. Give employees a better user experience

Improving employees’ booking and travelling experience through digitisation, self-service and personalisation is key to making business travel easy and safe. Fully 100% of travel leaders responding to our survey rated user experience as important to their function. The past few years have seen the rise of ride hailing services – but some companies have not reacted to that. There is a real concern that companies that haven't been listening to their staff and offering choice and flexibility will lose valuable employees. Almost one third of respondents to McKinsey’s Great Attrition, Great Attraction survey, who had left their job without another job offer in hand, cited lack of workplace flexibility as one of the top reasons for leaving. Those workers who left and then returned to traditional employment cited flexibility as the top reason for accepting a job offer. Following the Great Resignation, the power is very much with the employee, not the employer. Allowing staff to make an informed decision on their travel options, even as they are actually travelling, is key to providing the best business travel experience. The challenge is to balance flexibility for employees while travelling with managing spend.

"I want our users to have a really seamless and easy experience, and to be able to find what they're looking for in two clicks."

Carol Fergus,

Director - Global Travel, Meetings and Ground Transportation

Fidelity International

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