“I'm hoping we don't go back to normal because there's some things that we need to address within the industry. Ground transportation is one of them.”

Carmen Smith,

Sr. Manager – Travel & Events


A one-way ticket to successful business travel

One thing is clear; the complexity of ground travel is likely to continue increasing, due to growing numbers of providers, issues with driver shortages and the instability of ride hailing apps. This is a significant issue in many countries. Corporate travel managers looking to provide enhanced levels of support for travelling colleagues across multiple countries face a global challenge.

However, at the same time, technology has emerged that can help manage multiple ground transportation service suppliers, underpinning safe, employee-friendly corporate travel that drives cost efficiencies for businesses too. Employees are supported by reliable access to rides and 24/7 customer support. Employers benefit from consolidated ground travel data that makes it easy to see exactly how much they are spending, as well as where, when, and why.

Integration with back office systems gives travel managers more control over ground transportation financials and contracts. A centralised platform makes it easy to create customised travel policies that underpin both budgetary and duty of care concerns.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed business travel, and it’s likely that business travel management won’t return to how it was before Covid-19. Forward-thinking corporate transportation leaders are using this opportunity to review every aspect of the way they work and how their employees travel.

We would welcome a conversation about the future of your organisation’s ground transportation. Please email us at gtmsales@gett.com.

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