Iā€™d like to thank all Global Travel Managers for taking the time to interview and discuss their insights with us. Over the last 2 years, corporations have had the opportunity to reimagine their ground transportation processes to address safety, the environment and efficiency. These interviews uncovered a change of mindset towards employee safety, a move towards consolidation of processes and systems and data aggregation. As recruitment and retention continue to challenge the enterprise, it was interesting that all interviewees were prioritising employee experience and thinking about how the travel experience fits into this. It is also pleasing to read that sustainable travel is high on the agenda and I'm sure this will be a hot topic through 2022 and beyond with new carbon offset policies to assist companies' journeys to net-zero emissions. If you would like to take part in our global travel managers community or share your thoughts in future articles please contact Alessandra Skarlatos at

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Tal Shtainman

General Manager, Global B2B


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