Challenge 1: The complexity of booking tools and ground transportation

Ground transportation options range from taxis to airport transfers, and from ride hailing to corporate cars. But these options are becoming increasingly difficult to manage and control. Most travel professionals are having a hard time managing this issue domestically, let alone in different countries across the world. An employee arriving at an airport wants the most convenient option. If the corporate option is not there for them naturally, they will grab a cab from a taxi rank or order themselves an Uber or Lyft. Susanne Dreyer, Global Head Shell Business Operations at Shell, says: “There are so many different ground transportation options that it makes it very difficult to manage. From an operational perspective, being active in over 70 countries, including some high-risk countries, brings its own challenges. So we looked at ground transportation many times. “But so far, we have never come to a solution that works globally. What makes it challenging is the lack of transparency. And then there is also no integration in the online booking tool.”

As a result of the pandemic and the green agenda, my organisation is making changes to ground transportation

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