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"The pandemic saw travel fall by 96-98%. Travel is far more complex now. Whilst travel safety is still important, we need to help travellers prepare before, during and after their journey. It's not as simple as booking a ticket, people's mindset and attitude towards their safety has to change."

Carol Fergus

Director - Global Travel, Events and Ground Transportation

Fidelity International

"One way to get an idea about ground transport expenditure is to ‘reverse engineer’ it from credit card transactions. However, it does not give a complete picture, nor is it easy to achieve across multiple employees, departments, divisions or countries."

Peter Goulding

Exec. Director Global Transportation & Logistics

The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

"Even before the pandemic, we offset 100% of our corporate travel emissions generated from air, hotel and cars through purchasing carbon credits. We have also developed sustainability metrics to benchmark our suppliers, meaning we can collaborate with those that are most aligned with our values."

Susanne Dreyer

Vice President Corporate Travel


"Car service companies have been extremely impacted by the pandemic, there being a huge shortage of drivers as many are not returning to the industry. To add to that, the need for car services is increasing as less people want to travel on public transportation. It’s a huge challenge."

Carrie A Smith

Senior Director, Travel & Event Planning / Artist Entertainment Rights (360)

Sony Music Entertainment

"Now, and in a post pandemic world, duty of care to travelling employees is NOT only the responsibility of the travel manager; a much more holistic multifunctional, cross-department (e.g. HR, legal, health & safety) approach is essential."

Carmen Smith

Sr. Manager – Travel & Events


"Digitising passenger service with greater personalisation has yielded positive results. This has created an ability to do things without necessarily having to interact with an employee, creating a better experience for the traveller."

John Szatkowski

Global Offering Leader, Travel & Transportation


"When you have contractual relationships with a limo company there is tracking capability and direct communications with the driver. I am able to have detailed reporting. You’re losing a little bit of that when you are placing individuals into ride share process."

Chelisa Boyd

First Vice President, Corporate Travel Commodity Manager

SunTrust Bank

"Having a single platform for all ground transportation would be both useful and efficient."

John Nevin

Associate Partner


"A lot of airlines and others in the travel sector have just engaged in a radical set of cost reduction initiatives all of which make it hard to justify significant capital outlays that may help them get closer to sustainability targets that are quite distant."

Steve Peterson

Travel & Transportation Global Industry Lead


"There has been a cultural shift within global business travel. There is more awareness of the impact of travel. People realise the carbon impacts of their flights. They know that if they do have a layover that is going to result in more carbon impact because to get that plane off the ground you're burning more fuel. If it's a short flight you're having a greater impact on the environment. Nonstop may be a little more expensive but as a company that puts sustainability first, we and many others are okay with that slight increase in cost."

Zack Dolan

Director - Global Travel & Procurement


"In order to compensate for unpredictability and inflation hikes, procurement has to build win-win relationships. No longer is it wise, or productive, to push suppliers to their minimum; it doesn’t serve anyone well, either short or long term."

Juan Manuel Bruzzo

Procurement Director - Global NPS Supply


"Purposeful procurement is bigger than just what we're procuring and how we're procuring it. Those attributes are certainly important to what we do overall, but in order for us to truly evolve and expand, we have to think about the overarching economic impact."

Kindle Goodson

Chief Procurement Officer


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