Four obstacles to the digitalization of the supply chain

03. Too many pockets stifle long-term innovation

A focus on quick wins can quickly become the enemy of all transformation projects.

Relying too much on siloed pockets of innovation may yield fast results, but these will be activated on a far smaller scale to what the business needs overall.

When you attempt to solve a problem or make a change in a pocket, it demonstrates a lack of joined-up or future thinking. This can be costly financially and hamper the critical importance of connected transformation progress across all departments.

Using small cloud apps as point solutions could damage longer-term programmes that require integration across the full value chain. If too many people internally purchase individual solutions to only solve their key issues, the business cannot benefit from the wider and more holistic change technological disruption offers.

Integration across organizations will always be a huge constraint, but among the leaders we spoke to, those with a modern ERP architecture already in place - or the ones willing to implement this throughout the business - found it much easier.

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