How Taulia can help

Taulia provides targeted digital solutions to support supply chain optimization and smarter working capital management – from Accounts Payable, to Inventory, to Accounts Receivable. We support businesses in paying their suppliers early, identify opportunities to reduce inventory exposure,convert this to cash more swiftly so that it does not lose value, and use the savings to drive profitable new growth.

Our streamlined, user-friendly digital solutions not only help businesses identify more of these opportunities.We also connect companies with targeted, one-click access to finance through our global ecosystem of partner financial institutions. So, as low-risk opportunities to free up working capital are identified, companies can act on these without all of the protracted onboarding that might be involved if applying directly to a bank.

During 2021, our technology platform, financial ecosystem and best practice methodologies helped businesses around the world accelerate the conversion to cash of more than $25 billion, maximizing its yield and freeing up working capital to flow more usefully through the economy, while allowing smaller businesses to keep paying their employees.

From Treasury to Procurement to Accounts Payable, releasing working capital by improving the cash conversion cycle is a significant and growing priority, with clear benefits for all. The good news is that today there are some great tools out there to make all of this possible, allowing businesses to thrive, no matter which disruptive external events may be taking place or on the horizon. Whichever the options you want to explore, let us save you the time of researching everything from scratch. Contact our experts today and see how we can help.

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