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How much do you think the role of salespeople in the sales process needs to be rethought given changing buyers needs and habits?

More than half of the B2B marketing leaders we interviewed felt that the role needed to change ‘radically’. The remainder said the role needed to change at least to some extent. No one thought it could continue as it has.

Marketers should invest more in delivering experiences for buyers given the generational shift towards entertainment.

All but two interviewees agreed with this statement, suggesting that B2B organisations could be missing a trick if they don’t make the most of alternative communications mechanisms, whether these are podcasts, YouTube clips/social media reels, debate panels, or peer polls.

Does involving your buyers and salespeople in thought leadership programmes appeal to you?

Without exception, ALL interviewees embraced the idea that buyers and salespeople would benefit from playing a more active role in thought leadership programmes. This is about taking buyers on a journey, and listening and responding to what they share about their needs and experiences.

Audiences no longer distinguish between B2C and B2B buying experiences. To engage buyers today businesses should surprise, excite and entertain them in the same way consumer experiences do.

More than 8 in 10 interviewees felt that B2B buyers now have the same needs and expectations as consumers when interacting with brands and suppliers. This places the onus on B2B suppliers to be more creative and engaging across all channels.

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